Hong Cheon Woong Geon

Hong Cheon Woong Geon

Cheong Kwan Jang
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Made for men with a dynamic lifestyle who want to stay fit, maintain energy and improve vitality!


Cheong Kwan Jang's Hong Cheon Woong Geon gives middle-aged men a boost of energy. This product uses a blend of Korean Red Ginseng and five energy-boosting herbs, nutrient dense in vitamins and minerals!

Hong Cheon Woong Geon uses Korean Red Ginseng that has been grown for 6-years, to ensure roots contain the maximum amount of nutrients/antioxidants, and is scientifically proven to:
  • build your immune system
  • treat inflammation
  • enhance memory function
  • lower blood sugar and regulate cholesterol
  • fight fatigue and increase energy
  • improve erectile dysfunction
Size: 70ml x 30 pouches
Made in Korea

    How To Take

    Drink 1-2 pouches a day to strengthen body constitution and improve general health.