Why Korean Red Ginseng Roots Is Your New Year’s Resolution

If you're looking for the ultimate health tonic to kickstart your new year's wellness resolutions ... why not brew one yourself! Get to the root of your health concerns with Korean Red Ginseng. 

Why Roots?

To help you set your intentions for the New Year, we recommend Korean Red Ginseng in its purest form—roots! Taking roots can enhance your clarity and focus, when coming up with goals for your resolutions. Roots can be brewed into a tea or tonic, or used in recipes such as traditional chicken soup. Whichever way you prefer to take them, the active ingredients in these roots will help you fight fatigue, so you can clear your mind and reflect on the person you want to grow into in 2022.

Did you know that the quality of Korean Red Ginseng depends on many factors such as climate, temperature, quality of soil and cultivation technique? How roots are nurtured after they’ve reached 4-years of age determines whether they’ll make it to harvest—with only 50% of roots reaching maturity at 6-years!

At 6-years, Korean Red Ginseng roots reach the most amount of nutrients & antioxidants in their lifetime. They contain important anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory & antioxidation properties. After 6-years, Korean Red Ginseng roots start to lose their potency and begin to shed nutrients which is why they're harvested before they reach this stage. 

So how is Korean Red Ginseng graded? 

'Screeners' who work in the Cheong Kwan Jang factory darkroom and are responsible for classifying roots into their respective 'Good’, ‘Earth’ and ‘Heaven' ratings. They judge roots by their external appearance, such as how perfectly the head, body, and legs are proportioned, and the external colour of the root. Korean Red Ginseng is also classified by its internal structure.

We’ve broken down what these grades mean below:

Good Grade

‘Good’ grade roots are considered standard. The colour of the root is shiny, but the colour is not uniform. These roots may appear white in areas and have visible pitting along the length of the body. These superficial flaws don’t affect the efficacy of the root, and are an easy way to enjoy the health benefits of Korean Red Ginseng at a more affordable price tag.

We recommend Good 37.5g (40ji) which comprises the top 10% of roots harvested.

Earth Grade

‘Earth’ graded roots undergo the same criteria as that of ‘Heaven’ grade roots, however ‘Earth’ grade roots have cracks and scratches present along the length of the body. There must be a diameter of less than 2.0 mm of discolouration or pitting for a root to qualify as ‘Earth’ grade.

Try Earth Root Slice which comes sliced and conveniently packaged in individual serving sizes. These roots comprise the Top 2% of Korean Red Ginseng harvested.

Heaven Grade

‘Heaven’ grade roots are considered perfect in shape and form. They should not have visible cracks or scratches along the body of the root. The colour must be maroon, brown, or dark brown when undergoing assessment. ‘Heaven’ grade roots have dense inner tissue making them the most valuable root as they contain a large amount of active ingredients. These roots resemble the shape of a person, which is why they're referred to as a "full-body treatment". 

‘Heaven’ grade roots make up only 0.5% of Korean Red Ginseng, which makes it incredibly rare. Heaven 150g (20ji) is our sell-out root that makes up 1 in 10,000 harvested.

Cut Grade

'Cut' grade is made up of a mixture of 'Heaven', 'Earth' and 'Good' Korean Red Ginseng roots that were broken during harvest. 

We recommend Cut 300g as a great way to sample the three different types of roots and boost your immunity.

*ji is a unit of measure for Korean Red Ginseng.

If you're looking for the ultimate health tonic to kickstart your new year's wellness resolutions, look no further than Cheong Kwan Jang! With over 120 years pioneering Korean Red Ginseng—it's no wonder they're the worlds #1 trusted brand. This popular herbal remedy will help boost your immune system so you can fight illness, and any challenges life decides to throw at you in 2022!

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