5 Reasons To Switch From Coffee To Korean Red Ginseng

While coffee is the go-to stimulant for most people, studies have shown that caffeine increases anxiety levels which has a major impact on your health and wellbeing. People are waking up to its side effects and wondering if there’s a better way to stay alert and focused—enter Korean Red Ginseng, one of the oldest and most potent roots in the world!

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system whereas Korean Red Ginseng is an anabolic which builds energy in the body, and also increases health and vitality:

#1 Increases Cognitive Function

Studies show that one of the most important benefits of Korean Red Ginseng may be its ability to increase intellectual work capacity and cognitive function. 

Unlike coffee which is known to produce anxiety which hurts working memory space and cognitive processes. This is due to it being a drug that instantly boosts adrenaline production, dopamine and other hormones that act as natural stimulants. When you stop drinking caffeine, instead of all those feel-good chemicals rushing through your blood, you end up with a flood of adenosine – the tiredness hormone.

Extract Everytime is known to give relief from stress and tension. This is because Korean Red Ginseng stimulates mental awareness and clarity.

#2 Caffeine-Free Alternative

Mild tea is a caffeine-free alternative to coffee. Made from Korean Red Ginseng root—it has medicinal properties that can promote your overall health and vitality. 

Caffeine narrows the blood vessels that surround the brain. This pressures surrounding nerves which trigger what is known as a caffeine headache. Mild Tea may help reduce fatigue which makes it a great substitute for regular caffeinated drinks.

Mild Tea brews into a delicious, slightly earthy and warming drink. It can have a slightly bitter taste—not dissimilar to the satisfying, bitter taste of coffee. To enhance the flavour, add honey, lemon or ginger.

#3 Lowers The Risk Of Disease

In ancient times, Korean Red Ginseng was consumed or offered in a medicinal way. Tonic Gold helps the body recover from the inside—healing it by boosting the immune system without causing any negative side effects.

Caffeine is known to raise blood pressure and can cause symptoms such as an irregular heartbeat. Research shows that Korean Red Ginseng has been proven to lower high blood pressure.

Drinking a tonic like Tonic Gold regularly can help restore blood pressure to normal levels and lower the risk of disease.

#4 Reduces Brain Ageing

Both Korean Red Ginseng and Blueberries contain a compound that has anti-inflammatory effects. This means they reduce inflammation, which in turn, reduces the risk of brain ageing and neurodegenerative disease.

They work to maintain healthy brain function, and the antioxidant power of adding Blueberries to Korean Red Ginseng has been proven to benefit ageing neurons leading to improvements in brain cells. 

Get all these brain-boosting benefits from drinking Good Base Blueberry made with 6-years-grown Korean Red Ginseng.

#5 Improves Physical Performance

While coffee is known to build energy at a faster pace—it does this by breaking down nutrients that are stored in the body. Korean Red Ginseng on the other hand can significantly increase physical performance. It does this by breaking down food into natural sugars that can be easily used as energy by your cells. Studies show Korean Red Ginseng can help improve aerobic endurance, and may even reduce fatigue and lethargy.

If you want stamina, clarity, and energy without caffeine—consider Hong Cheon Woong Geon.

After years of starting the day with a tall, morning coffee—now’s your wakeup call to make the switch to Korean Red Ginseng. Our range of tonics strengthen the body, and have a better calming effect than caffeine stimulants!

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